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3 ways to help your kids express their creativity

Creativity is the most important skill a child should master. Here are 7 ways to get kids to channelize their inner creative self

Kids are are incredibly creative and have immense ability to express themselves. But it is hard to channelize this creative in meaningful ways. Are you a parent trying to keep your young creator busy and help them find their inner voice? Here are 7 activities that can help -

1 - Create their own storybooks - Encourage a child not only to read but to create their own stories. Story telling is one of the most powerful ways to express their creativity. Kids will learn to explore their feelings, ideas and structure their thoughts coherently as they give shape to their very own story. It is a safe space for kids to explore complex topics in a way that feels fun and engaging. A great way to get your kid started is to use offer kids a story structure.

LittleLit Kids Creative Studio powered by AI is a great option. It has a powerful story studio where kids can create amazing storybooks with the help of a engaging, gentle AI buddy Scribble. It is important to remove barriers elementary aged kids have when it comes to writing long form such as structure, spellings, grammar and narrative language. LittleLit's AI does just that, kids imagine and create and express, and Scribble polishes and automates the difficult parts. Together they can produce an amazing kids storybook in a matter of minutes.

2 - Create their own songs - Music is magic and kids can be their most free when they are belting out living room concerts. Encourage your kids to create their own songs and music. Express themselves on different topics of their choice through music. It is important that the child can do this without getting self conscious. Also young kids are unable to necessarily compose music on the go. Suggest popular tunes they can use to build their own songs on.

LittleLit Kids Creative Studio powered by AI is a great tool for this. It has a powerful music studio where kids can create amazing songs on topics of their choice set on popular tunes in minutes. Kids are free to sing to their hearts content and create amazing original music pieces they are proud of.

3 - Create their own Projects - Kids are usually very hands on and love to see concepts come to life through projects. It offers a multi-sensory, tangible way for them to understand complex topics. It is also a great way for them realize their wildest imagination. Every kid has different interests and project ideas. Parents should encourage kids to use whatever medium they are attracted to and create tangible creative projects. From construction projects, to puppet shows, from kitchen science to outdoor exploration everything is education in its most creative self.

LittleLit Kids Creative Studio powered by AI is a great way to help kids plan amazing projects using their imagination, in the medium of their choice. LittleLit's AI buddy Crafty creates project plans complete with instructions in a matter of seconds using the kids own ideas and interest areas. Kids can spend hours exploring and creating using these plans. When they see their creative S.T.E.A.M projects come to life, they are their most confident self.

Expert educators, child psychologists, parenting coaches all agree that Creativity is the most important skill a child should build for their overall success and well being. Encourage them to spend as much time exploring, experiment and engaging to bring their inner mini-creator to fore.

Happy Creating!

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