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Creative AI Studio for Kids

Kids need to be creators not consumers!!

LittleLit_creative_music_puzzle_ai buddy.png

Kids are born creators!

Kids create their own music, puzzle, swag and more


Who is in your house? The next Taylor Swift

Let your kid create their own lyrics and tune

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Is the next Roald Dahl in your living room? 

Let your kid create their own stories and chapter book

Does your kiddo ask 100s questions a day?

Kids can learn about any topic of interest

LittleLit_creative_music_puzzle_ai buddy_projects.png

Born to be the next Leonardo, Lego Master..

Kids can build their own artwork, puzzles, S.T.E.A.M projects

Media Spotlight

CBC LittleLit Kids AI App
Vancouver Tech Journal LittleLit Kids AI
Techcouver LittleLit Kids AI
TriCity News LittleLit Kids AI

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