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About LittleLit

LitteLit is a Creative Studio for Kids powered by AI. Kids can create amazing things with LittleLit using their rich imagination and the power of LittleLit’s AI from Books to Music, from personalized infographic encyclopedias to Tshirt designs, from puzzles to STEAM projects. Everything is highly personalized, completely child-led and most importantly easy for a young child.

The app is is targeted for kids ages five to twelve years where AI buddies help kids be in charge of their own CREATIVE abilities thus leading the way for imaginative learning experiences instantly. LittleLit is the TOP parent choice when it comes to safe, secure and trustworthy Ai for kids. LittleLit is all in all, a revolutionary “Creative Studio” for pre-teens - empowering them to engage at various levels of creativity and sharing these budding skill-sets with their friends. Imagine being at the helm of your own book series, composing your own songs, researching for and building your own encyclopedia as well as designing your own gear and experimenting with your own STEM projects. LittleLit serves to bridge the gaps between creativity, science and the routine of everyday “school life”; giving kids the power to steer their unbridled imagination and enlist Ai in a safe, productive manner. 

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The LittleLit team is led by 2 parents of young kids who understand the tremendous importance of creative expression in children’s live through their own lived experiences, expertise in education and children’s tech as well as over 30 combined years of software product and business experience.

Dipti and Sachin believe there are 880 Million kids in the world between the ages of 5-12 and there should be 880 Million personalized, customized creative experiences, one for each child. With the power of AI and distinct, top rated app design made specially for kids, LittleLit does just that.



Early MVP - LittleLit debuted in 2023 with its first creative experience where kids could create fun, personalized and imaginative stories instantly using the power of AI.
AI Buddies - Driven by the need to create interactive, empathetic AI solutions, LittleLit released its first AI buddies in November 2023 which were an instant success with the kids.
Creative Studio Launch - By March 2024 LittleLit has been launched as a full scale creative studio with 7 distinct creative studios in 1, empowering kids to create amazing things all within one app experiences. LittleLit offers 7 different AI buddies each trained specifically for helping kids bring their imagination to live in different ways.
Countries Using LittleLit - LittleLit is used worldwide in over 20 countries already and rapidly expanding its footprint. It continues to spearhead its growth in North America as well as EU and India.
What other stats would be useful? - There have been over 1500 creative projects completed by kids on the LittleLit platform already with new being added every single day.

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