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Move Over, Boring Old Games! LittleLit AI Personalized Learning App puts kids in charge!

The only AI powered child led learning app where kids create personalized stories and games using their imaginations, learning styles and moods

Free to download for kids aged three to ten

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LittoAI Learning Copilot + Your child create magic

Your child owns their entire learning journey, with AI driven personalized educational experiences, personalized stories and games built on their wildest imagination

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Child imagines, Litto writes the story

Child designs games and Litto builds games

Child chooses from Reading, Writing, Literacy, Math

Accesible to kids of all ages and abilities

Within the story universe they created they build games

Child-leveled games for learn and play


Old school doesn't work anymore! 
LittleLit AI child-led learning app does!

We are on a mission to make learning authentic, personal and relevant to each kid.

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Built with their own ideas & interests

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Authentic to each kid's life experiences

Completely Child-led learning journeys

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We believe kids are the most engaged when they interact with content based on their own imagination. LittleLit AI learning app nurtures curiosity-driven, self-initiated learning journeys for your kid.

Each kid has a unique world view. LittleLit Kids personalized learning app is built to ensure the stories and games they play reflect their own truth

Children learn best when they follow their own instinct and pathways. LittleLit AI child initiated learning app offers them full control on what they choose to learn


Traditional learning games are past-proof! LittleLit AI learning App is future-proof. 

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Kids need to be creators not consumers

LittleLit AI kids learning app frees them to think independently & and learn how to create. We believe in active participation, not passive consumption

Children should decide how they learn to be truly successful

Whether reading, literacy, writing or math, LittleLit AI self-directed learning app allows kids to decide how they want to learn.

Kids build stories and games that allow them to be successful

Each child has moods and preferences need to drive their learning 

LittleLit Kids AI personalized learning app empowers a child to learn based on how their day is going and choose what feels exciting, engaging and right. 


Children love us!

We offer them the magic land that excites, engages and inspires learning by empowering them to own their learning path!

A new story and game every day!

Never get bored! Your imagination of the day drives your learning

Child learn while having tremendous fun!

Games built with their imagination to learn Reading Creative writing, Literacy & Grammar & Math

Learning has never been this personalized

Any topic they want, fully imaginative, fully child-leveled, with their moods and choices front and center


Parents love us!

"I want to raise an independent thinker, a child who learns because it is authentic, interesting, engaging. LittleLit AI-powered interactive learning app empowers my child to do just that"

Mathilda, Parent of a 8 year old

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