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Dipti Bhide 
Co-Founder & CEO, LittleLit

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Dipti is a 2X Founder and successful Product Leader, who has built global products used by over half a Billion people worldwide at Microsoft, Dell and PayByPhone. Dipti is the CEO of LittleLit AI, with a deep passion and commitment to empowering today's kids to become AI Native and raise a thriving AI first generation.

An AI product expert, instructional design expert and published author, she's a passionate advocate for technology enabling children's learning and lives.
Dipti is also a passionate advocate of Women and Girls in AI always championing the need for Women to participate and lead the AI revolution.
And personally, she's a mom of two amazing kids, one of them neurodivergent making her an avid advocate for neurodivergent rights and accessibility.


Thought Leadership Areas

AI for Kids


Dipti is passionate about teaching kids to use AI early and setting them up for future success. She has written, lead products and successfully trained thousands of kids to become Native AI users through LittleLit. She is at the forefront of building specialized Kids AI models that are safe, developmentally appropriate and skilled to meet kids needs and wants. 

Women and Girls in AI


Dipti has written and spoken extensively about the need for Women and girls to participate and lead the AI revolution. To ensure AI models are built and shaped without gender bias, Dipti is a champion for encouraging girls to use, train and build AI adding their unique perspectives, thought and communication patterns as well as diverse experiences to the AI engines

AI for Neurodivergent Needs

Dipti has lead several initiatives at LittleLit to leverage AI for the unique and complex needs of neurodivergent users. She champions fine tuning AI models for neurodivergent communication and langauge patterns, adapting information presentation for their needs and ensuring sensory friendly and accessible product design. As a mom of a neurodivergent child she speaks from her personal first hand experience.

AI for Personalized Learning

Dipti has written and led several initiatives at LittleLit and ZigZag for personalized learning with the help of AI. She advocates for using AI to assist teachers in creating personalized content & learning paths for kids, individualizing their learning experiences. Her focus has been on interest based learning, learning with cultural, racial, personal contexts. She has researched use of AI for content variants by learning styles


A product leader with deep marketing expertise

Dipti's educational background is both diverse and extensive. She holds an MBA in Finance and International Business from the University of Massachusetts, as well as a MS in Marketing Communications (Advertising) from Boston University. Furthermore, she has undergone training in Agile and Pragmatic product management and has become an expert in instructional design. Her impressive qualifications are a testament to her dedication to professional growth.

Sachin Deo
Co-Founder & CTO, LittleLit

Sachin is an 2X founder and AI technology expert who has led building and fine tuning of kids AI models. He has a rich background in Big Data working for several data focused projects and products in Dell and Micron thoughout his career holding patents and leading global initiatives. He is driven technology leader with a passion to create technology that has a positive impact on children's lives. As an AI expert he focuses on safe, age appropriate, child-level AI solutions and as father is proud of how LittleLit caters to that. 

An engineer by education with a Masters Degree in Material Science he has worked all his life building technology that impacts lives from iPhone memory to kids learning. 

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